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OOI Updates

Updated OOI User Interface now Live for Testing & Feedback

August 25, 2016
OOI User Community and Colleagues, We have been working on some improvements and streamlining of the OOI User Interface. Changes have been made to the format and functionality of the initial landing page, platform information pages, plotting capabilities, and data catalog. Hopefully these changes result in improved usefulness of the site and upgraded ability of users ...

OOI scientists and Data Team to present at MTS/IEEE Oceans 16 Meeting

August 17, 2016
Scientists and engineers from the OOI Marine Implementing Organizations (MIOs) and the OOI Data Team are gearing up to present at the 2016 MTS/IEEE Oceans conference in Monterey Bay, CA September 19 – 22, 2016. The event is set to draw an international audience of more than 2,000 attendees. The conference will center around presentations and ...

[Science Highlight] Two years of Pioneer Gliders: A track line view

August 4, 2016
In July, the OOI CGSN operations team completed another “refresh” of the Pioneer glider fleet. The nominal lifetime for OOI coastal gliders (battery limited) is 90 days. The fleet is refreshed by recovery of exhausted gliders and deployment of refurbished gliders with fresh batteries. The Coastal Pioneer Array is designed to have 6 Coastal Gliders deployed ...
OOI Data Portal

Data Portal

Access data from the the OOI arrays.

OOI Ocean Education Portal

Education Portal

Find and create educational visualizations, concept maps, and data investigations.

Information for Researchers and Proposal Writers

Information for Researchers

Guidance for proposal writers and data users.