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We are currently diagnosing an issue that is preventing the ingestion of new uncabled data from the Global, Pioneer, and Endurance arrays. Until this issue is resolved, the ingestion of telemetered data will be delayed. We expect to have this resolved within a day or two, at which point the backlog of telemetered data will be ingested and no data should be lost. This does not affect cabled (streaming) data. If you have questions or comments, please contact the Help Desk. – 7/30/16 12:30pm

OOI Updates

[OOI in the News] Nautilus – The Ocean Gets Big Data

June 30, 2016
(From Nautilus / Claudia Geib) I think that for some people,” says Peter Girguis, a deep-sea microbial physiologist at Harvard University, “the ocean seems passé—that the days of Jacques Cousteau are behind us.” He begs to differ. Even though space exploration, he says, “seems like the ultimate adventure, every time we do a deep sea dive ...

Coastal & Global Array Webinar July 7

June 23, 2016
Date: Thursday, July 7th Time: 2:00pm Eastern/11:00pm Pacific The CGSN and EA teams will host a Webinar Thursday, July 7th at 2:00 pm ET to present an overview of the Coastal Pioneer, uncabled Coastal Endurance and Global Array designs. This will include the configuration of the Arrays, descriptions of the various platforms, and engineering details including power, ...

[OOI in the News] EOS – Ocean Observatories Initiative Expands Coastal Ocean Research

June 20, 2016
(From EOS, 97) By Robinson W. Fulweiler, Glen Gawakiewicz, and Kristen A. Davis The coastal ocean provides critical services that yield both ecological and economic benefits. Its dynamic nature, however, makes it a most challenging environment to study. Recently, a better understanding of the coupled physical, chemical, geological, and biological processes that characterize the coastal ocean ...
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