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Beginning Monday, July 16th the OOI will be hosting a week-long Early Career Data Workshop, which will involve numerous concurrent data requests by participants. Please be advised that due to this increased load on the system, data request fulfillment may be slower than normal. We recommend that, when possible, large data requests be delayed until after the workshop. Please contact the Help Desk with any questions. added 2018-07-11, 11:09 EDT

OOI Updates

[Early Career Highlight] – Kanieka Neal – From Maryland to Massachusetts, pushing her chemistry comfort zone

July 18, 2018
“The OOI is a great resource for students,” says Neal. “It’s not too time consuming, comes right to your inbox, and is very organized so I could pick it up really quickly. It’s amazing that the data are right at your fingertips; you can just go in and get it.”

[Early Career Highlight] – Brendan Philip – From a life on the sea surface to exploration of the seafloor

July 11, 2018
“It’s a 25-year program and you have committed to sailing every year to service your arrays,” says Philip, “that is a tremendous opportunity for students and researchers on board to do research that leverages the OOI instrumentation. The OOI is more than just data streaming to shore, it is also about the additional science you ...
Hilary Palevsky preparing to measure the dissolved oxygen concentration of a seawater sample in the main laboratory of the R/V Neil Armstrong. Photo credit: Emma Jackman

[Early Career Highlight] – Hilary Palevsky and the Irminger Sea Biological Pump

June 27, 2018
“I wanted to study the ocean’s role in climate and how it takes carbon out of the atmosphere,” says Palevsky. “My goal was to look at the balance between biological, physical, and chemical processes and how they allow the ocean to take up carbon.”

Visions 18 Cruise Underway

June 22, 2018
On June 19th, the R/V Roger Revelle departed Newport, OR to begin VISIONS’18, a 47-day expedition to replace and maintain elements of the Cabled Array off the coasts of Oregon and Washington as well as to add some novel sensors.

Join Us at the OOI Deep Ocean Observing Workshop

May 16, 2018
On August 27-29, 2018, an Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) Deep Ocean Observing Workshop will be held in Seattle, WA. This workshop will provide an interdisciplinary forum to develop deep ocean science questions and identify societal needs that could be addressed using the existing OOI infrastructure. The workshop will provide an opportunity for participants to gather detailed ...
Exciting conversations on a multitude of topics happened around the room during the hacking sessions. Credit: Valentina Staneva, eScience, UW

Cabled Array Hack Week: a collaborative setting to explore big ocean data

May 1, 2018
“The size and complexity of ocean data is growing beyond the capacity of what one person and one computer can handle. We need to be thinking of collaborative, cloud-based tools to really explore the capacity of these data.” Friedrich Knuth, Cabled Array Hackweek organizer

Upcoming Events

Oceanhackweek 2018
August 20 - August 24
OOI Deep Ocean Observing Workshop
August 27 - August 29
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