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Coastal Endurance

The Endurance Array is a multi-scaled array utilizing fixed and mobile assets to observe cross-shelf and along-shelf variability in the coastal upwelling region of the Oregon and Washington coasts. The array also provides an extensive spatial footprint that encompasses a prototypical eastern boundary current regime and connectivity with the Cabled Array.

The backbone of the Endurance Array includes two cross-shelf moored array lines, the Oregon Line (also called the Newport Line) and the Washington Line (also known as the Grays Harbor Line). Nominally, the Oregon Line is located at 44o 35’N, -125oW to coast. The Washington Line is nominally located at 47oN, 125oW.

Each of these lines contain three fixed sites spanning the slope (~500-600 m), shelf (~80-90 m) and inner-shelf (~25-30 m). The three sites across the shelf and slope are associated with unique physical, geological, and biological processes. All six sites contain fixed sensors at the top and bottom of the water column paired with an adjacent water column profiler.

The Oregon and Washington Lines are both affected by wind-driven upwelling and downwelling, but shelf stratification and upper-ocean properties are influenced differently at each location by the Columbia River outflow. The Washington Line is North of the Columbia River outflow and the Oregon Line is South of it. Observations at both locations allow for a greater understanding of coastal ocean ecosystem responses to climate variability. Mooring lines provide synoptic, multi-scale observations of the eastern boundary current regime. Coastal Gliders bridge the distances between the fixed sites and to allow for adaptive sampling.

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Array Diagrams


This array includes following research sites and platforms.

KeySite NameWater Depth
1 Oregon Inshore Surface Mooring (CE01ISSM) 25 meters
1 Oregon Inshore Surface Piercing Profiler Mooring (CE01ISSP) 25 meters
2 Oregon Shelf Cabled Benthic Experiment Package (CE02SHBP) 79 meters
2 Oregon Shelf Surface Mooring (CE02SHSM) 80 meters
2 Oregon Shelf Surface Piercing Profiler Mooring (CE02SHSP) 81 meters
3 Oregon Offshore Cabled Benthic Experiment Package (CE04OSBP) 579 meters
3 Oregon Offshore Cabled Deep Profiler Mooring (CE04OSPD) 576 meters
3 Oregon Offshore Cabled Shallow Profiler Mooring (CE04OSPS) 588 meters
3 Oregon Offshore Surface Mooring (CE04OSSM) 588 meters
Mobile Assets (CE05MOAS)
4 Washington Inshore Surface Mooring (CE06ISSM) 29 meters
4 Washington Inshore Surface Piercing Profiler Mooring (CE06ISSP) 29 meters
5 Washington Shelf Surface Mooring (CE07SHSM) 87 meters
5 Washington Shelf Surface Piercing Profiler Mooring (CE07SHSP) 87 meters
6 Washington Offshore Profiler Mooring (CE09OSPM) 544 meters
6 Washington Offshore Surface Mooring (CE09OSSM) 542 meters
PN01C Oregon Offshore Primary Node (PN01C) 619 meters
PN01D Oregon Shelf Primary Node (PN01D) (PN01D) 115 meters