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Resting 200 meters under water at the base of the Axial Seamount, the Cabled Shallow Profiler Mooring science pod hovers above its docking station.  Soon it will begin its ascent toward the surface, sampling the water column using the instruments (black cylinders) attached to the pod.  Credit: NSF-OOI/UW/ISS; Dive R1842; V15

World Oceans Day: Bring the seas into your home; exploration is one click away

When the HMS Challenger set sail in 1872, researchers made discoveries that laid the foundation of the science of oceanography. These early scientists couldn’t have imagined that more than a century later, the secrets of the sea could be discovered by almost anyone, even those thousands of miles from the coastline. Today with the National […]

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Pacific City, Oregon (Photo courtesy:

Ocean Observatories Initiative Cable Landing Event, Pacific City, Oregon – July 13, 2011

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) program will install off the coast of Pacific City, Ore., the main undersea cable that will link scientists and others on land to data streaming from an extensive array of next generation sensors located in the ocean and on the seafloor, marking progress in construction of the first U.S. regional […]

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