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The OOI CI provides a common operating infrastructure, the OOI system software (OOI Net), to connect and enable the coordination of operations of the OOI marine components (Global, Coastal, and Cabled Arrays) with the scientific and educational pursuits of oceanographic research communities.  OOI Net permits 24/7 connectivity to bring sustained ocean observing data to a user any time, any place. Anyone with an internet connection can create a login on OOINet and access OOI data.

OOI Data Portal

A Quick Tour of the OOI Data Portal

This short video presents a quick overview of the data portal, including how to browse the list of OOI sites, the Data Stream catalog, how to create a quick plot of data, and more. – Added June 26, 2017

Logging into OOI Net

Here are some helpful tips on how to log into the Data Portal using either an account with your home organization (via CILogon) or a local OOI account using your email address. – Added April 17, 2017

Plotting Data in OOI Net

This short video presents a quick overview of the data portal’s plotting tool, including how to select a data stream for plotting, customizing plot options, and selecting a dataset for downloading. – Added April 17, 2017

Data Portal Tutorials

Looking for more? Check out the following data tutorials in our Knowledge Base.