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Bottom Pressure and Tilt

Bottom Pressure and Tilt sensors are designed to measure the inflation and deflation of the seafloor using a precision pressure sensor that enables detection of the seafloor’s rise and fall (i.e., “breathing”) as magma (molten rock) moves in and out of underlying magma chambers. A very precise tilt meter (measures in micro-radians) records the “tilting” of the seafloor as it deforms in response to melt migration.

Associated Streams

  • Streamed Science HEAT Sensor Data Products (botpt_heat_sample)
  • Streamed Science IRIS Sensor Data Products (botpt_iris_sample)
  • Streamed Calibration Data (botpt_lily_leveling)
  • Streamed Science LILY Sensor Data Products (botpt_lily_sample)
  • Streamed Science NANO Sensor Data Products (botpt_nano_sample)
  • Streamed Engineering Data (botpt_status)

Data Products

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The algorithm code used to generate this instrument's data products is also available in the ion-functions GitHub repository.

Instrument Models

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Series Make Model
BOTPTA PMEL/Chadwick PMELcabled BPR/Tilt

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