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Dissolved Oxygen

A Dissolved Oxygen sensor measures the concentration of oxygen molecules that have been dissolved, or mixed, into seawater (Dissolved Oxygen Concentration). OO
There are a variety of Dissolved Oxygen sensors within the OOI program with unique capabilities. Some Dissolved Oxygen sensors are configured to measure dissolved oxygen concentrations on shallow coastal profilers through rapid oxygen gradients (DOFST), while others are configured for use on mobile assets, deep profilers, and moorings (DOSTA).

Data Products

No data products

Instrument Models

The OOI includes the following instrument models for this instrument type.

Series Make Model
DOFSTA Sea-Bird SBE 43
DOSTAD Aanderaa Optode 4831
DOSTAJ Aanderaa Optode 4831
DOSTAL Aanderaa Optode 4330
DOSTAM Aanderaa Optode 4831
DOSTAN Aanderaa Optode 4330

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