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Seafloor Pressure

Seafloor Pressure sensors measure the force on the seafloor exerted by the weight of the overlying water and atmosphere. Real-time pressure measurements are of great importance because lunar tides, storms, and tsunamis strongly impact pressures at the seafloor and the flow of fluids into and out of the oceanic crust.

Data Products

This instrument measures the following data products. Select a data product's name to learn more.

Instrument Models & Deployed Locations

The OOI includes the following instrument makes and models for this instrument type. Follow the links below to find out where in the OOI this instrument has been deployed. You'll also find quick links for each instrument to Data portal, where you can plot and access data.

Series Make Model
PRESFA Sea-Bird SBE 26plus
PRESFB Sea-Bird SBE 26plus
PRESFC Sea-Bird SBE 26plus

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PRESF on the Data Portal