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The OOI manages and integrates data from the over 800 instruments deployed amongst its seven arrays. Instruments are located on a myriad of platforms including gliders, AUVs, surface buoys, profilers, inductive mooring cables, and seafloor junction boxes. Overall there are nearly 75 models of specialized instrumentation used throughout the OOI that collect over 200 unique data products.

To learn more about a specific type of instrument, where it is located, and the data products associated with it, select it from the list below.

Instrument Name Primary Discipline
VEL3D 3-D Single Point Velocity Meter (VEL3D) Physical
FLOBN Benthic Fluid Flow (FLOBN) Chemical
ZPLS Bio-acoustic Sonar (ZPLS) Biological
BOTPT Bottom Pressure and Tilt (BOTPT) Geological
HYDBB Broadband Acoustic Receiver (Hydrophone) (HYDBB) Physical
OBSBB Broadband Ocean Bottom Seismometer (OBSBB) Geological
METBK Bulk Meteorology Instrument Package (METBK) Physical
CTD CTD (CTD) Physical
TMPSF Diffuse Vent Fluid 3-D Temperature Array (TMPSF) Physical
Digital Still Camera (CAMDS) Biological
Direct Covariance Flux (FDCHP) Physical
DO2 Dissolved Oxygen (DO2) Chemical
Engineering (ENG) Engineering
FLUOR Fluorometer (FLUOR) Biological
CAMHD HD Digital Video Camera (CAMHD) Geological
HPIES Horizontal Electric Field, Pressure and Inverted Echo Sounder (HPIES) Physical
Hydrothermal Vent Fluid In-situ Chemistry (THSPH) Chemical
RASFL Hydrothermal Vent Fluid Interactive Sampler (RASFL) Chemical
TRHPH Hydrothermal Vent Fluid Temperature and Resistivity (TRHPH) Geological
HYDLF Low Frequency Acoustic Receiver (Hydrophone) (HYDLF) Physical
Mass Spectrometer (MASSP) Chemical
Nitrate (NUTNR) Chemical
Osmosis-Based Water Sampler (OSMOI) Chemical
PPSDN Particulate DNA Sampler (PPSDN) Biological
pCO2 Air-Sea (PCO2A) Chemical
PCO2W pCO2 Water (PCO2W) Chemical
PARAD Photosynthetically Available Radiation (PARAD) Biological
Seafloor Pressure (PRESF) Physical
PHSEN Seawater pH (PHSEN) Chemical
OBSSP Short-Period Ocean Bottom Seismometer (OBSSP) Geological
VELPT Single Point Velocity Meter (VELPT) Physical
SPKIR Spectral Irradiance (SPKIR) Physical
OPTAA Spectrophotometer (OPTAA) Biological
WAVSS Surface Wave Spectra (WAVSS) Physical
PREST Tidal Seafloor Pressure (PREST) Physical