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Inshore Profiler Mooring (CP03ISPM)

The Pioneer Inshore Profiler Mooring is located on the inner Continental Shelf, approximately 90 meters deep. The Continental Shelf-Slope area off the New England coast is a highly productive area and one that is located at a dynamic intersection where ocean currents meet in weather-like “fronts,” and where nutrients, pollutants, and other properties are exchanged between the coast and the deep ocean. Data from the inshore, shelf area help to examine exchanges between the shelf and slope and the shelf ecosystem, as well as provide broader insight into the issues of air-sea gas exchange, including Carbon Dioxide.

Like other Coastal Profiler Moorings, the Pioneer Central Inshore Profiler Mooring contains a Wire-Following Profiler that houses instruments. The Wire-Following Profiler moves through the water column along the mooring riser, continuously sampling ocean characteristics over a specified depth interval (15 meters below sea surface to 3 m above the bottom).

Site Diagram

Water Depth
90 meters