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Please note, this page refers to the preliminary THREDDS data server that was setup in early 2016. It only includes a small subset of data, and those are now largely out of date.

This server will eventually be replaced by a new Erddap server that will include a more complete list of up-to-date datasets. In the meantime, please use the Data Portal to access the latest complete datasets available.

The OOI THREDDS server provides pre-calculated preliminary data sets for platforms identified by the Science Oversight Committee (SOC), based on the list compiled by the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) community and then expanded to include several additional parameters that are either of broad science interest or that are unique to the OOI.

For more information on how to access data from THREDDS, please see the quick-start tutorial below. You can also refer to the list of Site-Platform Codes and Instrument Class Codes to translate the directory structure.

OOI THREDDS Data Server Note: This link changed on May 7, 2016. Please check your bookmarks.

What Data are available in THREDDS?

Any data and associated metadata that have passed the evaluation process are accessible as individual and aggregated datasets, via OPeNDAP and NetCDF Subset Services, provided by THREDDS data server.

Prioritized datasets include but are not limited to:

  • Dissolved Oxygen (DOFST, DOSTA)
  • Fluorometers (FLORD, FLORT)
  • Nitrate (NUTNR)
  • Bottom Pressure/Tilt (BOTPT)
  • Meteorological (METBK)
  • PH and PCO2 (PHSEN, PCO2W, PCO2A)
  • Significant Wave Height (WAVSS)
  • Hydrophone (HYDBB, HYDLF)
  • Seafloor Pressure (PRESF, PREST)
  • Fluid Sampler Temperature (TMPSF)

The following large format datasets can be accessed through the Raw Data Archive.

  • Low Frequency Hydrophone (HYDLF)
  • Broadband Hydrophone (HYDBB)
  • HD Video Camera (CAMHD)


Quick Start

You can also check out our quick-start tutorial on how to access data from the THREDDS data server.

OOI THREDDS Quick Start Tutorial


Missing the old THREDDS links?

In order to simplify access to the preliminary OOI data, the THREDDS server was restructured so that only one folder is visible containing all accessible preliminary OOI data files. This folder is linked in the button at the top of the page.

All other folders that were previously in the root directory on THREDDS have been hidden, but remain available to users who are interested in maintaining access those files. The restructuring process means that the older folders will only be accessible if you bookmark the following links:

These links changed on May 7, 2016. Please check your bookmarks.