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OOI Data Usage Policy

Data Usage

All OOI data are publically available for usage in proposals and the scholarly record.  There are no additional costs required in a proposal to use OOI data. Please refer to the OOI User Terms and Conditions (available on the Data Portal) for more information.

Citing OOI Data

The “Ocean Observatories Initiative” should be cited as the source for any data used in research projects or papers that are derived from OOI instrumentation.

When citing OOI as the general data source, we encourage authors to use the following format:

NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative Data Portal, Downloaded on (date_accessed).

When citing data from a specific instrument and time range, we suggest the following format:

NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative Data Portal,, (data_type, reference_designator) data from (start_date) to (end_date). Downloaded on (date_accessed).

For example:

NSF Ocean Observatories Initiative Data Portal,, Bottom Pressure Tilt (RS03CCAL-MJ03F-05-BOTPTA301) data from 25 January 2015 to 25 May 2016. Downloaded on 17 June 2016.

The OOI program is currently developing Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) to assist researchers in referencing specific instruments and datasets in their work. When these become available, we will provide additional guidance on how to include them in your citations.

Describing the Data Used

When you include OOI data in your publications, we encourage you to include the following information in your data description section. This will help readers identify exactly which datasets you used.

  • The site name and ID, e.g. Axial Seamount Central Caldera Medium-Power JBox (RS03CCAL)
  • The instrument name and ID, e.g. Bottom Pressure Tilt (RS03CCAL-MJ03F-05-BOTPTA301)
  • The downloaded file format
  • The time period of data used
  • The date the data was accessed/downloaded

Share Your Work

We love hearing about your work! If you have used Ocean Observatories Initiative data in your publications, please send us a citable reference or electronic reprint. We are currently developing an OOI reference list and would like to include relevant references from the community. Please send your submissions to