Program Update – July 2011

OOI Program UpdateThe Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) completed a major milestone this month connecting the undersea cable deployed across the Juan de Fuca plate to the Axial Volcano and Hydrate Ridge sites to the shore station at Pacific City, Oregon.

That cable component will link scientists and others in the user community to data streaming from the extensive array of sensors that will be deployed on the seafloor and on water column moorings. The OOI Regional Scale Nodes team worked tirelessly to install the cable, with the first cable landing ashore on July 12 and the second on July 15.  Citizens of Pacific City and the Tillamook County came out in overwhelming support of the program and attended an open house to learn more about the OOI during the week the cable was pulled to shore. We appreciate how this coastal community has embraced the program and the promise it holds for the transformation of how we study and manage our oceans. Click here for more information and photos from the OOI Cable Landing.

Exciting activities also are happening within the Coastal Global Scale Node part of the program. The test mooring in 25m of water off the Oregon coast has been delivering vital engineering data through the near-shore telemetry link and is functioning well.  That inshore mooring will be recovered in early August  for detailed evaluation of engineering design and performance.   In addition, design reviews and pre-deployment tests are scheduled through the summer for the September deployment of three test moorings in the North Atlantic, south of Martha’s Vineyard. Just as we have engaged the local community on the west coast, we look forward to the same exchange with citizens on the east coast. To do that we’re hosting an OOI Science Education Day on Sept. 17 in New Bedford, Ma., to meet with the community and provide hands-on displays on how the Pioneer Array component of the OOI will operate off their coast.

Meanwhile, our Cyberinfrastructure team is scheduled to complete “Release 1” of the software allowing testing of the foundational capabilities of the data distribution system for the OOI.

Please follow our progress on OOI’s upcoming exciting milestones and upcoming events at:


Tim Cowles
Program Director, Ocean Observing