Program Update – January 2012

OOI Program UpdateJanuary got off to a busy start for the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) with sea trials of a coastal glider on the West Coast, an important instrument contract award and planning for upcoming engagement with the scientific community.  

The sea trials phase of the coastal glider product verification tests started on the East Coast late last year with the successful launch of the Teledyne Webb Research’s SG-2 Slocum glider on Nov. 3, 2011. That glider, deployed by the OOI’s Coastal Global Scales Node (CGSN) team, conducted at 15-day deployment off the New England Coast near Martha’s Vineyard.  The glider next was deployed in January off the Oregon for second set of missions to verify specifications and those tests are  ongoing.                                                                                                                          

The OOI coastal glider, a key component of the OOI, will gather ocean data including temperature, salinity, chlorophyll and dissolved organic matter fluorescence, optical backscatter, light levels, dissolved oxygen, and water velocity.  The CGSN team is testing the first glider acquired by OOI to verify that the design meets specifications such as proper functioning of all instruments, expected battery usage and flight characteristics. More information and photos from these important tests will be posted to the OOI Website soon.

To learn more about the components of the OOI located on the West Coast and other locations, please visit our OOI Instrument Table Section of the OOI Website. New tables outlining the Endurance Array component of the program were added in January to this new online tool for those interested in exploring the OOI infrastructure.

In other program news, a contract was awarded to Sunburst Sensors, LCC, of Missoula, Montana, to provide pH (PHSEN) and Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide in Water Instruments (PC02W) for the OOI. Under the $2.5 million contract, Sunburst will provide up to 77 PHSEN and 35 PC02W instruments. This is one of several contracts awarded as new equipment comes online for the OOI.  Click here to read more about this and other recent OOI Contract Awards.

As the 2012 Ocean Sciences meeting approaches, the OOI program has planned variety of sessions, posters and information sharing opportunities. In addition to scheduled scientific sessions, the OOI Team will hold a special discussion, offered on three different days, to provide interested attendees with an update on the OOI. That informational talk, Ocean Observatories Initiative: Information and Community Opportunities, will be offered from 12:30 p.m. to 2 p.m., on Tuesday, Feb. 21 and Thursday, Feb. 23 in Ballroom D and on Wednesday, Feb. 22, at that same time in Ballroom J. Click here for a list of all OOI Events at 2012 Ocean Sciences.

Please continue to visit the OOI Website and OOI Facebook and Twitter for updates on the OOI.