Program Update – May 2013

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) program in May continued efforts to update the scientific community on program status with the addition of a new detailed Question and Answer Section on the OOI Website with information about 2013-2014 deployments and sampling strategies.

These questions and answers were a result of a webinar series presented by the OOI program that kicked off in March. Prior to the OOI webinar on March 19, 2013, participants were invited to submit questions they would like to have addressed during the webinar. Many of these questions were answered during the event. Click here to view the full list of Q&As.  Additional questions and comments can be submitted on the OOI website here.

On the west coast, the 30-minute video produced by the University of Washington on the Visions ’11 cruise, featuring many OOI scientists, was broadcast on the local television UWTV station.

In other news this month, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, with funding from the National Science Foundation, announced it is soliciting proposals from qualified organizations interested in providing Uncabled Bioacoustic Sonar Instruments to support the objectives of the OOI.  The purpose of this Request for Information (RFI) package is to solicit information from firms interested in providing an Uncabled Bioacoustic Sonar Instrument solution for use on the Coastal and Global Scale Nodes and Endurance Array for the OOI.  For specifics on this solicitation, please click here.

In addition to these website updates, the program recently posted expanded information and detailed instrument tables for the Endurance Array, Irminger Sea, Station Papa and Pioneer Array.  Tables will be upgraded routinely to reflect the latest available information.