Updated Instrument Tables Now Online

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) program has created a set of Online Instrument Tables to provide the OOI user community with detailed descriptions of the instrumentation found throughout the OOI.

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The OOI will consist of six arrays with a total of 771 instruments distributed throughout the 38 moorings, 12 seafloor instrument packages, and 27 mobile assets.  OOI instruments will measure physical, biological, chemical, and geological properties of the ocean from the air-sea interface through the water column to the seafloor.

With this online tool, scientists, educators and the public will be able to examine the locations of instruments and their deployment depths within the arrays.  Additionally, users can view high-level technical drawings of the OOI infrastructure, identify detailed instrument descriptions and see the connection each instrument has to the data products it will provide.  The make and model of each instrument is also provided, when available (see contract awards for more information). 

The program will continue to upgrade and maintain the online instrument tables as a critical resource for the OOI user community to explore the OOI program and all that it will offer for ocean observation, study, and research.

Please click on the links below to access the Instrument Table Portal for individual stations.

We encourage feedback and suggestions for improving this new tool. Please submit Comments or Questions here.

Click here to see the OOI Location Map and here to watch and OOI Overview Video. Please continue to visit the OOI Website for program updates and other information as this revolutionary approach to ocean observation becomes available.