Program Update – February 2014

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) this month met with members of the scientific community to provide updates on the program and discuss opportunities for input on OOI data.

Members of the OOI team attended the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting in Honolulu, Hawaii, in February, where they held town meetings and other events to get news out on the OOI and create forums for discussion on data and other topics.

During one Town Hall event Tim Cowles, Vice President and Director of Ocean Observing at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, provided a construction status report, then lead a discussion on OOI data.  Discussion topics included pre-deployment testing and calibration of sensors, sensor cross-calibration, data management approaches, and initial data quality control during the transition from construction to operations in 2015. The discussion also addressed opportunities for community input on data obtained from OOI sensors, especially from scientists with expertise with sensors that do not have a lengthy history of extended ocean deployment.

Members of the OOI team used examples of OOI data returned from initial deployments to illustrate data opportunities as well as data issues to address. The OOI recently made preliminary data available on the OOI Website from Station Papa, the first global site of the OOI infrastructure at the Station Papa location in the Gulf of Alaska.

These data were collected by the OOI project purely for internal system development purposes during the construction phase of the project and are offered for release to the public with no assurance of data quality, consistency, or additional support. The OOI Program also assumes no liability resulting from the use of these data for other than the intended purpose. No data quality assurance steps have been implemented on this data to date.

Also at Ocean Sciences, the OOI Team hosted a joint Town Hall event with Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) to discuss advances in ocean observing in the Northeast Pacific Ocean. ONC and the OOI discussed their infrastructures and data products, as well as how the combined assets of these two Northeast Pacific observatories can help advance science.

More coverage and updates on these events will be posted to the OOI website. The OOI continues to conduct outreach to the community and the public and welcomes comment, feedback and questions via the OOI website in the Comment and Question section here: