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Call For Assistance from OOI Sensor Subject Matter Experts

1. OOI is requesting assistance from OOI sensor Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) who are interested in supporting an ongoing effort to evaluate and validate OOI data streams and instruments using raw data streams from OOI instruments. This call is designed to evaluate existing data to supplement existing evaluation and validation activities (OOI Quality Control Protocols and Procedures) and to help the OOI improve at-sea and post-recovery procedures based on the latest information from subject matter experts.

2. SME volunteers will be provided with raw data streams from select instruments identified by the OOI Science Oversight Committee (SOC) as priority instruments most in need of validation. SMEs will be asked to analyze the raw data to both validate proper operation of the instrument and evaluate and validate the content of the data.

3. “Raw” data is defined as unprocessed data streams from the instruments on the OOI infrastructure. These are the data files that are recorded on the instrument or externally if the sensor or instrument had been deployed as a stand-alone sampler, in the basic format provided by the manufacturer. As required, simultaneously collected data can be bundled with associated meta-data.

4. SMEs who volunteer for this effort will be provided with relevant raw data, either via the OOI Cyber Infrastructure (CI) or directly from the appropriate SOC member.

5. The names of all SMEs selected to support this effort will be posted on the COL website, along with the data streams/sensors they are evaluating.

To volunteer, please contact the OOI Help

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