OOI Monthly Update – June 2016

Letter from the Director

OOI User Community and Colleagues,

Welcome to another edition of our OOI Monthly Newsletter. As usual, we’re covering a lot of territory this month. Let me hit a few highlights:

First off, I’d like to provide you with a brief update on the status of our OOI Cyberinfrastructure (CI) capabilities. We’ve encountered some delays rolling out all of the capabilities in our upgraded suite of data delivery and display tools and our new User Interface (UI). We’re close. The new capabilities are undergoing final operational testing and focused evaluation, and we expect to have these new capabilities on display on the OOI website soon. We’ll keep you posted with regular updates.

Once we have rolled out our new features I encourage all of you to try them out and, as always, to keep the great feedback coming in to the HelpDesk. Your ongoing inputs are critical for us to identify and correct errors and make continual improvements to the data portal and other areas on the OOI website.

As you’ll see throughout the remainder of the year, this month will mark the start of more “turn cruises” and the conclusion of some which got underway in Jun, as our Implementing Organizations continue heading to sea to replace OOI instruments as a regular part of life cycle management.

Finally, I’d like to take a moment to call you attention to some announcements in this month’s newsletter of some upcoming OOI workshops. We’re always working closely within the program and with our NSF resource sponsors to display and describe OOI capabilities for our growing user community, and to receive and act on your feedback. This month you’ll see announcements for both virtual “webinars” and an upcoming “in person” workshop in Portland, OR. I’m looking forward to engaging with you on the web or in person in coming months, as you stay with us, and stay engaged.


Feature News

Subject Matter Expert Volunteer List

The list of current Subject Matter Expert (SME) volunteers and the instruments they are evaluating is now posted on the OOI website. The Scientific Oversight Committee is working with the OOI data evaluation team to expand the SME effort to additional volunteers. Stay tuned for additional updates.

Successful SME Evaluation – Spectrophotometer

Because of the great diversity of the sensor types deployed by the OOI, it is understood that the familiarity and knowledge of the OOI project scientists and the data team members may not be sufficient to fully investigate and evaluate all types of data being collected. In order to validate the data from these instruments, we reached out to the experts in the field, or as we like to call them “SMEs” (Subject Matter Experts).

One of the instruments examined was the WET Labs AC-S Spectrophotometer deployed on the Endurance Array Washington Offshore Surface Mooring on the west coast. Our SME for this instrument was Emmanuel Boss (University of Maine), an expert in the use of optical instrumentation to study the properties of material suspended in seawater.

With data team’s help, Dr. Boss verified 1.5 months of data (April-May 2015) at this site with successful results. Consistency between the sensors suggests that they did not foul during the deployment and the instruments did not drift noticeably during the deployment period, a notable achievement.

Dr. Boss stated “The fact that we can do this closure exercise gives me confidence that we should be able to see when fouling or drift become an issue.” He did caution that this analysis represented a very small data set at one location at a specific time, under limited ambient temperature and trophic conditions. “While very encouraging, much more work will need to be done to establish how representative it is,” he noted.

The data team is working on using these results to compare with the processed data being delivered by the OOI software, and are continuing to pursue similar efforts for additional instruments with the help of our other volunteer SMEs. We look forward to being able to tell similar success stories for other OOI instruments.

OOI by the Numbers

Ocean Leadership and the National Science Foundation are excited that OOI data are streaming in from the corners of the ocean to our ever growing user community of scientists, educators, marine users, and the general public. The OOI is all about the flow of data, a constant stream of ones and zeros from the ocean into your home, so we wanted to share the latest key OOI numbers with you!

Upcoming Events

Coastal Array Webinar
Date/Time: Thursday, July 7th, 2pm ET/11am PT
The CGSN and EA teams will host a Webinar Thursday, July 7th at 2:00 pm ET to present an overview of the Coastal Pioneer, uncabled Coastal Endurance and Global Array designs. This will include the configuration of the Arrays, descriptions of the various platforms, and engineering details including power, communications, etc. An opportunity to answer questions will also be available. The session is scheduled to last up to 2 hours. –REGISTER HERE– Please Register by Wed. 7/6 3pm ET / 12pm PT.

Cabled Array 1-on-1 Consultations
Date: Wednesday, July 6th
OOI Operations Staff are available to meet with potential investigators who wish to submit proposals to deploy instruments on the OOI Cabled Array. Investigators can schedule an appointment to meet virtually with OOI Operations Staff to discuss technical requirements, testing, and answer any other questions researchers might have regarding adding instrumentation to the OOI arrays.
To sign up, please contact the HelpDesk with times you are available.

Cabled Array Webinar (Recording)
Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Cabled Array Webinar June 24th. If you missed the webinar or would like to re-watch it, you can access a recording of the webinar here.

OOI Community Workshop: Cabled, Endurance, and Station Papa
Date: September 27-29, 2016
Location: University Place Hotel and Conference Center in Portland, OR
The UNOLS Ocean Observing Science Committee (OOSC) along with OOI’s Science Oversight Committee (SOC) are organizing a workshop that will focus on current and future science addressed by the extensive OOI infrastructure in the Northeast Pacific. This includes the OOI Cabled, Endurance, and Station Papa Arrays.
To apply for the workshop, please complete the on-line application form. Deadline for applications is August 1, 2016.

Maintenance Cruises

Global Station Papa Array maintenance cruise departed Seattle, WA on June 23rd aboard the R/V Ronald H. Brown to complete the 4th deployment of infrastructure at the array. During this cruise the OOI team from WHOI and OSU will recovery and re-deploy the Apex Profiler Mooring, the two Subsurface Flanking Moorings, and three Open Ocean Gliders. Additionally, the team will deploy 2 Global Profiling Gliders to sample the water column above and around the Apex Profiler Mooring.

Cabled Array Visions ’16 Cruise will depart this month on a 38 day expedition aboard the R/V Sikuliaq. During the cruise, the OOI team from the University of Washington will recover and reinstall >100 instruments, two science pods on each of the Shallow Profiler Moorings, and recover and reinstall two Deep Profiler Moorings.