OOI Monthly Update – September 2016

Letter from the Director

OOI User Community and Colleagues,

Our busy Summer is setting up to transition right into a busy Fall! In this month’s newsletter, as always, you can review a few of our many recent highlights.

At the end of September we took the OOI program “on the road,” to an OOI Community Workshop in Portland, OR. I joined several of our project scientists and data team members to provide close to eighty assembled attendees with a series of briefs and hands-on demonstrations on OOI capabilities, and to chair a number of group and focused team discussions and panels on future OOI plans and priorities. I’d like to thanks UNOLS and its Ocean Observing Steering Committee for putting this conference together. I believe it provided all who attended some valuable visibility into the OOI program, and it certainly provided our program staff with invaluable feedback from the user community which will help us shape our future priorities. After wrapping up the Portland conference I extended my West Coast tour and visited both our key telecommunications node for the Cabled Array in Pacific City, OR, and also conducted a site visit with our program team at the University of Washington. It was great to spend time with so many of the passionate and hardworking members of the OOI program team.

One key theme of the Portland conference which I would, once again, like to stress with all of our readers and users is the importance of receiving feedback from you about our user interface, and our data discovery, delivery, and display capabilities. Your feedback is the best and most rapid way we can identify shortfalls and make these capabilities better for you. Please drop us a line and let us know about any problems you encountered or potential improvements you’d like to recommend. Your inputs are vital, and they are the only way our UI will get better!

On the cruise operations front, we’ve now wrapped up a number of our turn cruise for the Endurance Array off the Oregon coast. Team WHOI is hard at work on the second cruise for the Pioneer Array and our very challenging cruises to Southern Ocean Stations are gearing up to begin later this year.

I’d like to make another pitch to our users to continue to follow us at upcoming conferences. There will be a large OOI presence at the upcoming AGU conference in December in San Francisco. We’ll be running a booth and conducting a Town Hall. Keep an eye on the webpage for details.

I encourage all of our many users to keep the great feedback coming in to the HelpDesk. Your ongoing inputs are critical for us to identify and correct errors and make continual improvements to the data portal and other areas on the OOI website.

Stay with us, and stay engaged.


Feature News

OOI Community Workshop

For three days, Sept. 27-29, close to 80 members of the oceanographic community convened in Portland, Oregon to partake in a Community Workshop focused on OOI infrastructure in the NE Pacific – Cabled, Endurance, and Station Papa Arrays. Attendees included early career scientists, senior scientists, agency representatives, and OOI program experts.

The workshop focused on the science capabilities of these three arrays and various avenues through which to access their data using the OOI Cyberinfrastructure. A highlight of the workshop was the “1-slide/1-minute” presentations by workshop participants. Each participant was asked to explain how he/she plans to use OOI data in their research. The participants included scientists already using OOI data as well as those who have never accessed the data but plan to in the future.

OOI Data Portal Updated

During September, the OOI Cyberinfrastructure team worked to improve and streamline the OOI User Interface based on your feedback. We would like to thank everyone who took the time to review the site preview and submit their input to the HelpDesk. Changes have been made to the format and functionality of the initial landing page, platform information pages, plotting capabilities, and data catalog. We hope that you find these changes have enhanced your user experience by improving your ability to more fully utilize OOI Data.

As of Sept. 20, the URL for the preview of the new user interface – ooiui.oceanobservatories.org – has been de-activated and the new user interface has replaced the old interface on the OOI Data Portal URL – ooinet.oceanobservatories.org.

Please note that the site will continue to be enhanced and more capabilities will be added over the next few months as our list of planned upgrades are completed and user feedback is integrated. As always, if you have an issue with the website, feel free to contact the HelpDesk.

Cyberinfrastructure/Data Update

Interest in OOI data continues to grow with more visitors and more data downloaded through our online interfaces. September saw over 2,000 visits to the OOI Data Portal with almost 9 GB of data downloaded. From the THREDDS server, 66.5 GB were downloaded from 533 visits. And 361 GB of data were downloaded from 1,250 visits to the Raw Data Files Service. Data continues to be available from multiple sources, all accessible through the OOI Data page.


Endurance Array Team Returns From Fall O&M Cruise – On Sunday Sept. 18, the R/V Atlantis set sail off the coast of Oregon and Washington for a 17-day Operations and Maintenance cruise of the OOI Coastal Endurance Array. During this cruise, the OOI team led by Oregon State University (OSU) recovered and redeployed six surface moorings as well as the Washington Offshore Profiler Mooring and several uncabled surface piercing profilers. The team also recovered 1 coastal glider and deployed 5-6 more.

Check out the full story and a time-lapse video of cruise preparation


AGU 2016 Fall Meeting

The OOI will be attending the AGU 2016 Fall Meeting Dec. 12-16 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. Various OOI Scientists and Engineers will be presenting at the conference and the OOI will be holding a town hall on Tuesday Dec. 13 from 18:15-19:15 in Moscone West 2008. Further details on the OOI town hall and about the OOI related talks will be posted on the website as the date approaches.

Make sure to come say hi at our booth #245 in the Exhibit Hall. We would love to chat about OOI Data and will have a live demo of the OOI Data Portal on hand to help answer any questions you may have.