On 16 September 2017 the Endurance Array Oregon Offshore Cabled Shallow Profiler Mooring was accidentally pulled off position and apparently damaged by fishing trawler gear. Communications to shore ceased.

Subsequent survey efforts located the damaged infrastructure and the mooring’s science pod has been recovered. Planning is underway to recover the mooring.

Portions of the damaged mooring remain suspended. The USCG has been notified and a navigation hazard warning is included in the weekly USCG District 13 Local Notice to Mariners.

The Cabled Shallow Profiler Mooring at the Oregon Offshore site will be replaced during the Cabled Array maintenance cruise in Summer 2018. We will post additional updates if there are any significant changes to this status.

The co-located Surface Mooring, Cabled Deep Profiler Mooring, Benthic Experiment Package, and CAMDS at the Oregon Offshore site continue to transmit data.

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