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Winning Name is Data Explorer!

Laura Slicer wears the OOI hat she received for submitting the winning entry for OOI’s data discovery tool name.

Laura Slicer, Finance Manager for the Ocean Observatories Initiative, came up with the winning name for OOI’s new data discovery tool—Data Explorer. Hers was selected from a field of entries that ranged from the silly (Data McDataface) to creative acronyms that explained what the tool could accomplish.  Other suggestions were inspired by the likes of Greek mythology, Star Wars, and movies related to undersea exploration.

One entrant described the task as “It’s like a science game of Balderdash.” And, indeed it was.

The review team selected “Data Explorer” because “explore” clearly expresses what people could do using the new discovery tool, explore the data to find what they need. Also, “explore” connotes excitement, adventure, delving into the unknown, which could describe users’ experiences as they dig deeper into the data in the variety of ways offered by the new platform.

We’d like to thank all of those who took the time and effort and creative energy to submit a suggestion for the new data discovery tool.   Good news is that the beta version of Data Explorer is now in the testing phase with a planned public rollout in October. Stay tuned. Good new ways to visualize and integrate OOI data are in the offing.



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