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Ocean Education Portal

The Ocean Education Portal was developed to support the creation and sharing of educational resources by undergraduate faculty at universities and community colleges.  The portal includes a suite of tools that enable the development of online activities for use as group or individual projects, which can be used during lectures or as homework assignments.  The site includes:

1) a suite of interactive educational data visualization tools that provide simple and targeted interfaces to interact with OOI datasets

2) a concept map builder that can be used by both educators and students to build networked diagrams of their knowledge

3) a “data investigation” builder that allows faculty to assemble resources into coherent learning modules.

4) a “vocabulary navigator” that provides a visual way to discover and learn about the OOI’s infrastructure and scientific design.

The site also allows users to browse an ever-growing database of resources created by the community, and likewise, users can share resources they create with others.

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