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Design and Implementation Workshop

Mar 27-30, 2006, Salt Lake City, Utah

Final Workshop Report

Conceptual Network Design – Draft

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Plenary Presentations
Monday, March 27

Tuesday, March 28

Wednesday, March 29

Thursday, March 30

The workshop presented to the ocean research community the conceptual design of the global, regional and coastal ocean research observatory network to be implemented under the ORION Program. The conceptual design was developed based on an extensive effort by ORION’s Project Office and scientific, technical and engineering advisory committees, using the ideas submitted in the Request for Assistance Proposals and previous workshop reports.

Participants engaged in intensive component/scale (global, regional and coastal) and cross-scale thematic breakout group discussions to evaluate the conceptual design and its implementation. This effort will lead to the realization of the Ocean Observatories Initiative, ORION’s ambitious plan to develop and deploy observing infrastructure for research and education purposes. We strongly encourage participation in implementing these community facilities.

Workshop Steering Committee:

Kendra Daly (chair), University of South Florida
Rick Jahnke (co-chair), Skidaway Institute of Oceanography
Mark Moline (co-chair), California Polytechnic State University
Bob Detrick, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Doug Luther, University of Hawaii
George Matsumoto, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Larry Mayer, University of New Hampshire
Keith Raybould, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute