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2019Why Gliders Appreciate Good Company: Glider Assimilation in the Oregon-Washington Coastal Ocean 4DVAR System With and Without Surface ObservationsJournal of Geophysical Research: OceansPasmans, I.; Kurapov, A. L.; Barth, J. A.; Ignatov, A.; Kosro, P. M.; Shearman, R. K.Coastal Endurance
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2019Partnering with Fishing Fleets to Monitor Ocean ConditionsAnnual Review of Marine ScienceGawarkiewicz, G.; Mercer Malek, A.Coastal Pioneer
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2018Accessing OOI DataOceanographyVardaro, M. F.; McDonnell, J.Cyberinfrastructure
2018SeaView: Bringing Together an Ocean of DataOceanographyStocks, K.; Diggs, S.; Olson, C.; Pham, A.; Arko, R.; Shepherd, A.; Kinkade, D.Cyberinfrastructure
2018Education and Public Engagement in OOI: Lessons Learned from the FieldOceanographyMcDonnell, J.; deCharon, A.; Lichtenwalner, C.S.; Hunter-Thomson, K.; Halversen, C.; Schofield, O.; Glenn, S.; Ferraro, C.; Lauter, C.; Hewlett, J. Education & Public Engagement
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