Special Photo Tour: Horizontal Directional Drilling Progress at Pacific City Site

The OOI Project in February beginning installation of the power and data undersea cable at Pacific City, Oregon, for the cabled component of the OOI that ultimately will link scientists and others in the OOI user community to data streaming from observing sensors in the ocean.

This work is a significant step forward in development in the OOI Project to build a fully integrated system collecting data on coastal, regional and global scales. The Regional Scale Nodes network of ocean observing sensors in the Northeast Pacific Ocean will be interconnected with approximately 500 miles of electro-optical cable and designed to operate continuously for 25 years. The University of Washington has contracted with L3 Maripro Inc., Goleta, Calif., for the design and build of the OOI RSN primary infrastructure.

Photo tour of the progress at Pacific City during the months of February and March:

Photos by: Chris Hoyt/Dennis Manning