Data Access

A World of Ocean Data at Your Fingertips

The OOI has been collecting data since 2014 and provides about seven terabytes of data to the community each month. This deep repository of data will continue to grow, serving as a vast resource of knowledge for anyone with an Internet connection. The data available range from raw data as received directly from an instrument to carefully crafted data products that can be used to answer scientific questions.

Opportunities also exist for collecting data to address specific scientific questions. Here, we offer guidance on how to propose instrumentation to the OOI infrastructure to collect targeted data and ways to adapt ongoing sampling, as well. We also offer guidance on how to use and cite OOI data.

Along with the vast array of data collected is a commensurate commitment to ensuring its quality. We have dedicated experts who constantly monitor the incoming data. We provide annotations and automated control for data streams and are striving to meet the International Ocean Observing System’s Quality Assurance of Real Time Ocean Data (QARTOD) standards.

The contribution of OOI data to increasing understanding of ocean processes is evidenced by the diversity and number of data users, who collectively are advancing what we know about the changing ocean.