The Arrays

The OOI has three major observatory elements linked together by instrument, infrastructure, and an information management system. 

Global Station Papa Array Regional Cabled Array Coastal Endurance Array Global Southern Ocean Array Global Irminger Sea Array Coastal Pioneer Array Global Argentine Basin Array
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Global Ocean Arrays

Moored arrays and autonomous vehicles provide time-series observations and mesoscale spatial sampling at sparsely sampled, high-latitude regions critical to our understanding of climate, the carbon cycle, and ocean circulation. (Irminger Sea and Station Papa. Data remain available from decommissioned arrays in the Argentine Basin and Southern Ocean).

Global Argentine Basin Array Global Irminger Sea Array Global Southern Ocean Array Global Station Papa Array

Regional Cabled Array

Fiber-optic cables off the Oregon coast provide unprecedented power, bandwidth, and communication to seafloor instrumentation and profiler moorings. This array makes it possible to monitor volcanic and hydrothermal activity, methane seeps, earthquakes, and myriad ocean processes in coastal and blue water environments.

Cabled Axial Seamount Cabled Continental Margin Cabled and Endurance Arrays

Coastal Arrays

Cross-shelf moored arrays and autonomous vehicles observe the dynamic coastal environment, enabling examination of upwelling, shelf break fronts, and cross-shelf exchanges. (Endurance and Pioneer Arrays). 

Coastal Endurance Array Coastal Pioneer Array