Data Products

More than 200 unique data products are measured or derived from the nearly 75 models of specialized instruments used in the OOI arrays from the air-sea interface to the seafloor.

Data Product Algorithms

Data Product specifications and data flow diagrams for current data products can be found in the OOI Technical Data Package repository.

The algorithm code used to generate each data product in the OOI Cyberinfrastructure system can be found in OOI ALGORITHMS.

Quality Control

OOI Data Quality Control strives to meet or exceed Quality Assurance/Quality Control of Real-Time Oceanographic Data (QARTOD) standards. In addition to daily human-in-the-loop Quality Control (QC)  tests, as data streams are collected, data products are run through six automated QC algorithms. Please see the OOI Data Quality Control page for more information.

Data Products

The following lists include the most significant science data products collected by the OOI system, divided by their primary sampling regime. An expanded Data Product list with descriptions is also available.

Air-Sea Interface

Air TemperatureTEMPAIR
Air Temperature at 2mTEMPA2M
Barometric PressureBARPRES
CO2 Mole Fraction in AtmosphereXCO2ATM
CO2 Mole Fraction in Surface Sea WaterXCO2SSW
Direct Covariance Flux of HeatFLUXHOT
Direct Covariance Flux of MomentumFLUXMOM
Downwelling Longwave IrradianceLONGIRR
Downwelling Shortwave IrradianceSHRTIRR
Flux of CO2 from the Ocean into the AtmosphereCO2FLUX
Freshwater FluxFRSHFLX
Latent Heat FluxLATNFLX
Mean Wind VelocityWINDAVG
Momentum Flux (Wind Stress)MOMMFLX
Net Heat FluxHEATFLX
Net Longwave IrradianceNETLIRR
Net Shortwave IrradianceNETSIRR
Partial Pressure of CO2 in AtmospherePCO2ATM
Partial Pressure of CO2 in Surface Sea WaterPCO2SSW
PCO2A Gas Stream PressurePRESAIR
Platform Direction and Tilt (3 axes)MOTFLUX
Rain Heat FluxRAINFLX
Relative HumidityRELHUMI
Sea Surface ConductivityCONDSRF
Sea Surface SalinitySALSURF
Sea Surface TemperatureTEMPSRF
Sensible Heat FluxSENSFLX
Specific HumiditySPECHUM
Specific Humidity at 2 mSPHUM2M
Turbulent Air TemperatureTMPATUR
Wave Spectral PropertiesWAVSTAT
Wind Velocity at 10 mWIND10M
Wind Velocity in 3 DimensionsWINDTUR


Benthic Flow RatesBENTHFL
Broadband Acoustic pressure wavesHYDAPBB
Broadband FrequencyHYDFRBB
Broadband Ground AccelerationGRNDACC
Broadband Ground VelocityGRNDVEL
Hydrogen ConcentrationTHSPHHC
Hydrogen Sulfide ConcentrationTHSPHHS
Low Frequency Acoustic pressure wavesHYDAPLF
Nano-resolution Bottom PressureBOTPRES
Physical Fluid Sample – Diffuse fluid chemistryPHSSAMP
Resistivity R1TRHPHR1
Resistivity R2TRHPHR2
Resistivity R3TRHPHR3
Seafloor High-Resolution TiltBOTTILT
Seafloor PressureSFLPRES
Seafloor Uplift and DeflationBOTSFLU
Short Period Ground VelocitySGRDVEL
Still ImageCAMSTIL
Suite of Dissolved Gas Measurements (10-20 individual gases) vs. TimeMASSPEC
Temperature Array in Spatial GridTEMPSFL
Thermistor TemperatureTRHPHVS
Thermocouple TemperatureTRHPHVC
Vent Fluid Chloride ConcentrationTRHPHCC
Vent Fluid Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP)TRHPHEH
Vent Fluid Temperature from RASFLTEMPVNT
Vent Fluid Temperature from THSPHTHSPHTE
Vent Fluid Temperature from TRHPHTRHPHTE

Water Column

Bottom PressureIESPRES
Downwelling Spectral IrradianceSPECTIR
Echo IntensityECHOINT
Fluorometric CDOM ConcentrationCDOMFLO
Fluorometric Chlorophyll-a ConcentrationCHLAFLO
Mean Point Water VelocityVELPTMN
Multi-Frequency Acoustic BackscatterSONBSCA
Nitrate ConcentrationNITROPT
Optical Absorbance Ratio at 434nmCO2ABS1
Optical Absorbance Ratio at 620nmCO2ABS2
Optical Absorbance Signal Intensity at 434nmPH434SI
Optical Absorbance Signal Intensity at 578nmPH578SI
Optical Absorption CoefficientOPTABSN
Optical Backscatter (Red Wavelengths)FLUBSCT
Optical Beam Attenuation CoefficientOPTATTN
Oxygen Concentration from Fastrep DO InstrumentDOCONCF
Oxygen Concentration from Stable DO InstrumentDOCONCS
Partial Pressure of CO2 in WaterPCO2WAT
PCO2W Thermistor TemperatureCO2THRM
Photosynthetically Active Radiation (400-700 nm)OPTPARW
PHSEN Thermistor TemperatureABSTHRM
Practical SalinityPRACSAL
Pressure (Depth)PRESWAT
Reference AbsorptionOPTAREF
Reference Beam AttenuationOPTCREF
Roundtrip Acoustic Travel Time (RATT)IESRATT
Signal AbsorptionOPTASIG
Signal Beam AttenuationOPTCSIG
Temperature from OPTAAOPTTEMP
Turbulent Point Water VelocityVELPTTU
Turbulent Velocity ProfileVELTURB
Velocity ProfileVELPROF
Vertically Averaged Horizontal Water Velocity (VAHWV)IESAHWV
Water Column Heat ContentIESHEAT
Water Property Profile Time SeriesIES_WPP