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OOI Updates

OOI Deep Ocean Observing Workshop Participants.

Oceanographers from around the world explore deep ocean observing questions in the NE Pacific

September 28, 2018
Last month, the OOI hosted a workshop in Seattle, WA focusing on exploring research questions in deep ocean observing in the NE Pacific using nearby OOI arrays (Cabled Array, Endurance Array, Station Papa) and other regional observatories.
Two groups deep in conversation about their work on data validation and simplified data access. Credit: Rachael Murray, eScience Institute

OceanHackweek 2018 explores the intersection of data science and oceanography

September 27, 2018
Stemming from the successful Cabled Array Hackweek in February 2018, the OceanHackweek last month set out to broaden their scope of data exploration to include all OOI assets as well as other large scale ocean observatories, such as Argo and the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS).
Deploying instruments during an Ocean Networks Canada maintenance cruise. Credit: Ocean Networks Canada

[Early Career Highlight] – Mei Sato – Using sound to unravel how animals change their behavior in complex environments

September 26, 2018
“Having all of those sensors available at the same time as bioacoustics data is a huge opportunity for me and other scientists,” says Sato. “It is not just biology or physics, it is the coupling that is so critical. I think the OOI will provide a big opportunity for us to answer questions in this ...

OOI Early Career Workshops create opportunities for scientists to engage with the OOI and collaborate with peers

September 25, 2018
In the spring and summer of 2018, the OOI hosted five workshops for early-career scientists interested in learning more about the infrastructure and how to use data from the program in their work. The week-long data-oriented workshops were designed to inspire participants to pursue projects with OOI available resources.
Map of detected earthquakes in the past 30 days (from Sept. 20). (Credit William Wilcock)

Community Tools available on the OOI website to examine the Axial Volcano

September 21, 2018
A suite of community generated tools are now available to explore the Axial Seamount. These include a new Inflation Threshold Forecast web page created by Dr. Chadwick (Oregon State University and NOAA/PMEL) and Andy Lau (Oregon State University/CIMRS) and the Axial Seamount Earthquake Catalog created by Dr. William Wilcock (University of Washington).

New OOI Video – Access the Ocean

September 20, 2018
Learn more about using OOI data for free in your research and engaging with the OOI.

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