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OOI Updates

Preparing instruments on the CTD for deployment on the RV Palmer in 2014. Photo credit Isa Rosso.

[Early Career Highlight] Veronica Tamsitt – Taking hold of opportunities in the Southern Ocean

August 15, 2018
To Tamsitt, the OOI is a game changer in the Southern Ocean. “In the air-sea flux community, there are almost no measurements in the Southern Ocean except from ships,” says Tamsitt. “The OOI Surface Mooring is the southernmost mooring ever deployed.

Successful Science Platform and Gear Recovery

August 8, 2018
Re-post from the Oregon Fishermen’s Cable Committee – On July 7th the RV Bold Horizon, using a small Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV), successfully recovered fishing gear and the sub-surface platform the gear was fouled on. The science platform, part of the Ocean Observatories Initiative, was struck by trawl gear on September 16, 2017, disabling the platform ...
On the deck on R/V Roger Revelle after VISIONS’18 concluded in Seattle. Credit: Romina Centurion/UW

[Early Career Highlight] – Wu-Jung Lee’s journey into ocean sound from dolphins to bats and back to the sea

August 8, 2018
“One of the reasons I first got interested in the OOI data was because it is free and available to the public,” says Lee. “Once I started working with the data, I realized just how special it was. I spent all of my time for several months on the OOI echosounder data.”

From the OOIFB – DDCI Membership Applications NOW OPEN

August 3, 2018
Applications for membership on the OOIFB Data Dissemination and Cyber Infrastructure Committee are being accepted until August 30, 2018.

[Early Career Highlight] – Cassandra Alexander – Oceanographic research experiences at a landlocked undergraduate teaching university

August 1, 2018
“The Ocean Observatories Initiative really opens it up for students to be able to do a lot of different things with the ocean data,” says Alexander. “As long as you can think of it, you can explore it.”

[Early Career Highlight] – Kanieka Neal – From Maryland to Massachusetts, pushing her chemistry comfort zone

July 18, 2018
“The OOI is a great resource for students,” says Neal. “It’s not too time consuming, comes right to your inbox, and is very organized so I could pick it up really quickly. It’s amazing that the data are right at your fingertips; you can just go in and get it.”

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Oceanhackweek 2018
August 20 - August 24
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August 27 - August 29
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