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OOI Updates

Fram to be Interviewed During Endurance 13

July 8, 2020
Join AltaSea during their live chat with Endurance 13 Chief Scientist Jon Fram while he is aboard the R/V Thomas G. Thompson in the Pacific, Friday 10 July at 12 pm PST.  To learn more about the event and to register, click here.  What a great opportunity to ask questions!

UV Anti-fouling Light Keeps Oxygen Sensors Clean

July 7, 2020
Biofouling is a hazard of keeping equipment in the ocean for long periods of time, particularly when it is near the surface where photosynthesis occurs.  For OOI’s arrays that remain in the water for six months or longer, this is a pressing issue because of the need to ensure sensors can continue to collect and ...

Return to Sea in the COVID-19 era

June 26, 2020
The R/V Neil Armstrong returned to its home port in Woods Hole, MA, on 16 June 2020, having completed a successful 10-day mission to service the Pioneer Array, 75 nautical miles south of Martha’s Vineyard. Its crew and nine-member science party from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution proved that it is possible to work onboard while ...

Ready-to-use Educational Datasets Available

June 25, 2020
A new website of curated OOI datasets, called Data Nuggets, has launched.  It contains valuable resources ready for integration into educational activities. The nuggets explore various concepts common in upper-level high school and introductory college courses and are designed and packaged to be readily accessible to educators to integrate into their existing curricula.  Datasets were ...

COVID-prevention, Quarantine, and Collaboration: Endurance Array 13 is Ready to Go

June 24, 2020
After two weeks of quarantine at home where possible, Airbnbs, and deserted family vacation homes, the 12-member Endurance Array team will head to Newport, Oregon on July 1 to board the R/V Thomas G. Thompson. As part of COVID-19 precautions, all of the needed equipment to service the Endurance Array will have been transported to ...

Winning Name is Data Explorer!

June 23, 2020
Laura Slicer, Finance Manager for the Ocean Observatories Initiative, came up with the winning name for OOI’s new data discovery tool—Data Explorer. Hers was selected from a field of entries that ranged from the silly (Data McDataface) to creative acronyms that explained what the tool could accomplish.  Other suggestions were inspired by the likes of ...

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Information for Researchers

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