Data Products Complete List

Here is the list of all science data products produced by the OOI.

Product Designation Sampling Regime
16s rRNA sequence of filtered physical sample DNASAMP Seafloor/Crust
Air Temperature TEMPAIR Air-Sea Interface
Air Temperature at 2 m TEMPA2M Air-Sea Interface
Barometric Pressure BARPRES Air-Sea Interface
Benthic Flow Rates BENTHFL Seafloor/Crust
Bottom Pressure IESPRES Water Column
Broadband Acoustic pressure waves HYDAPBB Seafloor/Crust
Broadband Frequency HYDFRBB Seafloor/Crust
Broadband Ground Acceleration GRNDACC Seafloor/Crust
Broadband Ground Velocity GRNDVEL Seafloor/Crust
CO2 Mole Fraction in Atmosphere XCO2ATM Air-Sea Interface
CO2 Mole Fraction in Surface Sea Water XCO2SSW Air-Sea Interface
Conductivity CONDWAT Water Column
Density DENSITY Water Column
Direct Covariance Flux of Heat FLUXHOT Air-Sea Interface
Direct Covariance Flux of Momentum FLUXMOM Air-Sea Interface
Downwelling Longwave Irradiance LONGIRR Air-Sea Interface
Downwelling Shortwave Irradiance SHRTIRR Air-Sea Interface
Downwelling Spectral Irradiance SPECTIR Water Column
Echo Intensity ECHOINT Water Column
Fluorometric CDOM Concentration CDOMFLO Water Column
Fluorometric Chlorophyll-a Concentration CHLAFLO Water Column
Flux of CO2 from the Ocean into the Atmosphere CO2FLUX Air-Sea Interface
Freshwater Flux FRSHFLX Air-Sea Interface
HD Video HDVIDEO Seafloor/Crust
Horizontal Electric Fields IES_HEF Water Column
Hydrogen Concentration THSPHHC Seafloor/Crust
Hydrogen Sulfide Concentration THSPHHS Seafloor/Crust
Latent Heat Flux LATNFLX Air-Sea Interface
Low Frequency Acoustic pressure waves HYDAPLF Seafloor/Crust
Mean Point Water Velocity VELPTMN Water Column
Mean Wind Velocity WINDAVG Air-Sea Interface
Momentum Flux (Wind Stress) MOMMFLX Air-Sea Interface
Multi-Frequency Acoustic Backscatter SONBSCA Water Column
Nano-resolution Bottom Pressure BOTPRES Seafloor/Crust
Net Heat Flux HEATFLX Air-Sea Interface
Net Longwave Irradiance NETLIRR Air-Sea Interface
Net Shortwave Irradiance NETSIRR Air-Sea Interface
Nitrate Concentration NITROPT Water Column
Optical Absorbance Ratio at 434nm CO2ABS1 Water Column
Optical Absorbance Ratio at 620nm CO2ABS2 Water Column
Optical Absorbance Signal Intensity at 434nm PH434SI Water Column
Optical Absorbance Signal Intensity at 578nm PH578SI Water Column
Optical Absorption Coefficient OPTABSN Water Column
Optical Backscatter (Red Wavelengths) FLUBSCT Water Column
Optical Beam Attenuation Coefficient OPTATTN Water Column
ORP Volts TRHPHVO Seafloor/Crust
Oxygen Concentration from Fastrep DO Instrument DOCONCF Water Column
Oxygen Concentration from Stable DO Instrument DOCONCS Water Column
Partial Pressure of CO2 in Atmosphere PCO2ATM Air-Sea Interface
Partial Pressure of CO2 in Surface Sea Water PCO2SSW Air-Sea Interface
Partial Pressure of CO2 in Water PCO2WAT Water Column
PCO2A Gas Stream Pressure PRESAIR Air-Sea Interface
PCO2W Thermistor Temperature CO2THRM Water Column
pH PHWATER Water Column
pH THSPHPH Seafloor/Crust
Photosynthetically Active Radiation (400-700 nm) OPTPARW Water Column
PHSEN Thermistor Temperature ABSTHRM Water Column
Physical Fluid Sample – Diffuse fluid chemistry PHSSAMP Seafloor/Crust
Platform Direction and Tilt (3 axes) MOTFLUX Air-Sea Interface
Practical Salinity PRACSAL Water Column
Precipitation PRECIPM Air-Sea Interface
Pressure (Depth) PRESWAT Water Column
Rain Heat Flux RAINFLX Air-Sea Interface
Rain rate RAINRTE Air-Sea Interface
Reference Absorption OPTAREF Water Column
Reference Beam Attenuation OPTCREF Water Column
Relative Humidity RELHUMI Air-Sea Interface
Resistivity R1 TRHPHR1 Seafloor/Crust
Resistivity R2 TRHPHR2 Seafloor/Crust
Resistivity R3 TRHPHR3 Seafloor/Crust
Roundtrip Acoustic Travel Time (RATT) IESRATT Water Column
Sea Surface Conductivity CONDSRF Air-Sea Interface
Sea Surface Salinity SALSURF Air-Sea Interface
Sea Surface Temperature TEMPSRF Air-Sea Interface
Seafloor High-Resolution Tilt BOTTILT Seafloor/Crust
Seafloor Pressure SFLPRES Seafloor/Crust
Seafloor Uplift and Deflation BOTSFLU Seafloor/Crust
Sensible Heat Flux SENSFLX Air-Sea Interface
Short Period Ground Velocity SGRDVEL Seafloor/Crust
Signal Absorption OPTASIG Water Column
Signal Beam Attenuation OPTCSIG Water Column
Specific Humidity SPECHUM Air-Sea Interface
Specific Humidity at 2 m SPHUM2M Air-Sea Interface
Still Image CAMSTIL Seafloor/Crust
Suite of Dissolved Gas Measurements (10-20 individual gases) vs. Time MASSPEC Seafloor/Crust
Temperature TEMPWAT Water Column
Temperature Array in Spatial Grid TEMPSFL Seafloor/Crust
Temperature from OPTAA OPTTEMP Water Column
Thermistor Temperature TRHPHVS Seafloor/Crust
Thermocouple Temperature TRHPHVC Seafloor/Crust
Turbulent Air Temperature TMPATUR Air-Sea Interface
Turbulent Point Water Velocity VELPTTU Water Column
Turbulent Velocity Profile VELTURB Water Column
Velocity Profile VELPROF Water Column
Vent Fluid Chloride Concentration TRHPHCC Seafloor/Crust
Vent Fluid Oxidation-Reduction Potential (ORP) TRHPHEH Seafloor/Crust
Vent Fluid Temperature from RASFL TEMPVNT Seafloor/Crust
Vent Fluid Temperature from THSPH THSPHTE Seafloor/Crust
Vent Fluid Temperature from TRHPH TRHPHTE Seafloor/Crust
Vertically Averaged Horizontal Water Velocity (VAHWV) IESAHWV Water Column
Water Column Heat Content IESHEAT Water Column
Water Property Profile Time Series IES_WPP Water Column
Wave Spectral Properties WAVSTAT Air-Sea Interface
Wind Velocity at 10 m WIND10M Air-Sea Interface
Wind Velocity in 3 Dimensions WINDTUR Air-Sea Interface