Ocean Observatories Initiative Seeks Applicants to Serve in Key Program Advisory Role

The OOI Program Advisory Committee was established in 2008 to advise the OOI Program Office and the OOI Implementing Organizations (IOs) during planning for and construction of the OOI.   The program will be adding new members this fall to this rotating membership committee.

The PAC:

  • Is the primary consultative group for the Director for Ocean Observing Activities at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership.
  • Provides leadership on scientific issues impacting the OOI facility.
  • Provides strategic planning on science programs catalyzed by the OOI.
  • Represents the community during discussions with the Program Office.
  • Provides a conduit for community input into the implementation and management of the OOI facility.
  • Provides assessment of community responsiveness to the transformative capabilities of the OOI facility.

PAC members also serve as a resource pool for specific roles during the construction phase.   In consultation with the Director for Ocean Observing Activities, the PAC may form subcommittees or ad hoc advisory groups as appropriate during construction of the OOI facility.  This flexibility ensures that the advisory structure is adaptable to changing program needs, and that funds and human resources allocated for supporting the program’s advisory functions are used effectively.

The PAC works directly with the Director for Ocean Observing Activities at Ocean Leadership and formally reports to the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of Ocean Leadership on a regular basis.

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