OOI Construction and Data Status Update: May 26, 2015

On the CyberInfrastructure front, we have fallen behind schedule on the key delivery milestones listed. The OOINet Build 4 integrated solution is working, pulling data through the uFrame software for visualization in the user interface, but is not yet completed. We continue to finalize updates, focusing on improved performance speed of the fully integrated solution, and assessing the schedule impacts to the Alpha testing. An updated key milestone chart will be provided at the end of this week.

We continue to provide interim delivery of the Cabled Array seismometer data through IRIS http://www.iris.edu/hq/. Bottom pressure data delivery through IRIS is taking longer than expected as the OOI team works to finalize the format, data will be available by May 29. Delivery of Cabled Array tilt meter and co-located temperature plots continue through Dr. Bill Chadwick’s website at http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/eoi/rsn/ .

The R/V Atlantis has successfully completed the cruise to the Pioneer Array, deploying numerous moorings, as well as a test deployment of an AUV. We continue to evaluate the maturity of the AUV Dock and fuel cells for further development and inclusion during construction. The Pioneer Array has one remaining mooring and three gliders for deployment prior to the end of June 2015. The Endurance Array has two remaining moorings for deployment at the Oregon Inshore site as well as three gliders. These will be deployed in early June 2015. The Cabled Array will complete its final construction with the installation of three Deep Profilers in July 2015. Upcoming maintenance cruises include; Station Papa – June 2015, Cabled Array – July 2015, and Irminger Sea – August 2015.

In the coming week, the HelpDesk will become available to answer questions. We will be issuing an announcement along with the contact details.