OOI Construction and Data Status Update: June 16, 2015

The OOINet Build 4 integrated solution is working, pulling data through the uFrame software for visualization in the user interface, with Alpha Testing starting on June 17. Due to the amount of additional time working to integrate Build 4, the project is in the process of requesting an extension of the CyberInfrastructure construction through October 2015. This extension will allow us to deliver the functionality and capabilities required for completion of OOINet. In light of these delays, we are making plans for incremental releases of pre-commissioned data starting in July. Below is the proposed construction completion schedule.

Key Construction Milestones:

  1. June 17 – OOINet Build 4 integration and testing complete.       Alpha I testing (internal) begins.
  2. July 15   – OOINet Build 5 integration and testing complete.       Alpha II testing (internal) begins.
  3. Aug 17  – OOINet Build 6 integration and testing complete.       Load and Beta testing begins. (Beta testers include existing Alpha testers, and a number of science community members. Criteria for selection of Beta testers will be released to our website by July 15)
  4. Sep 14   – OOINet Build 7 integration and testing complete.       Final User testing begins.
  5. Oct 7      – Announcement of Commissioned System

We continue to provide interim delivery of the Cabled Array seismometer data through IRIS http://www.iris.edu/hq/. Bottom pressure data delivery through IRIS has begun, and a separate announcement on how to obtain this data will be posted to our website this week. Delivery of Cabled Array tilt meter and co-located temperature plots continue through Dr. Bill Chadwick’s website at http://www.pmel.noaa.gov/eoi/rsn/ .

The Pioneer Array has one remaining mooring and three gliders for deployment prior to the end of June 2015. We continue to evaluate the maturity of the AUV Dock and fuel cells for further development and inclusion during construction. The AUV Dock started shallow water testing this week.

The Endurance Array has one remaining mooring and glider for deployment prior to the end of June 2015.

The Cabled Array will complete its final construction with the installation of three Deep Profilers in July 2015.

The Station Papa maintenance cruise is complete. All infrastructure is operating normally including the new Profiling Gliders.

Upcoming maintenance cruises include: Cabled Array in July 2015, and Irminger Sea in August 2015.

The HelpDesk goes live this week. Our website will have an announcement along with the contact details.