OOI Construction and Data Status Update: December 7, 2015

Testing over the weekend of the Cyberinfrastructure software upgrade identified some key issues that prevented the software from being released today as planned.

As the CI team works to resolve these issues, they will be able to make available incremental releases of data through the OOI website. The first of these releases should occur early next week. Details of each incremental release will be posted on the OOI website, including which data are available and instructions of how to access and download these data. Users can expect to see expanded data availability on a continuous basis with delivery accelerating as the software issues are resolved.

The OOI is successfully receiving data streams from deployed assets at all seven arrays. Those data are being archived within the OOI CI and the historical data sets will be made available upon release of the OOI Data Portal. Historical datasets begin in 2013 for the Pioneer Array, the Cabled Array, and Station Papa; in 2014 for Endurance Array and the Irminger Sea Array; and in 2015 for the Argentine Basin and Southern Ocean Arrays.