OOI Status Update: January 15, 2016

The OOI Data Team are working toward a data release schedule for downloading datasets from the OOI data portal and continue to conduct configuration validation of data streams.

OOI data continue to be available for plotting on the OOI Data Portal. Select data streams are available for download from THREDDS and historical cruise data are available for download from the OOI website.

The Cabled Array team will host an Introductory Webinar Tues. Jan. 19, 1pm ET to present an overview of the Cabled Array infrastructure, focusing on engineering details, including power, communications and more. A brief opportunity to answer questions will also be available. The session is scheduled to last up to 2 hours.  Please sign up for the webinar online by Jan. 15th

OOI Operations Staff are also available to meet with potential investigators who wish to submit proposals to deploy instruments on the OOI.  Investigators can schedule an appointment to meet virtually with OOI Operations Staff to discuss technical requirements, testing, and answer any other questions researchers might have regarding adding instrumentation to the OOI arrays. Cabled Array meetings are scheduled for Jan. 20-22. Pioneer and Endurance Array meetings are scheduled for Feb. 2-3. Global Array meetings are scheduled for Feb. 4-5. Click here to view available times.

We would like to introduce the new OOI PI, Rear Admiral (Ret.) Jon White, to the OOI Team.  Jon, who also serves as the President and CEO of the Consortium of Ocean Leadership, will serve as OOI PI on an interim basis with the help of co-PI Sue Banahan.  Ocean Leadership is actively conducting an abbreviated search for a new permanent PI. Jon White has an extensive background working with oceanographic systems and operations throughout his 32-year Navy career, culminating in his role as Oceanographer of the US Navy. Jon has a BS in Oceanography from Florida Institute of Technology, and a Masters in Oceanography and Meteorology from the US Naval Post Graduate School.