Oceanography Magazine OOI Special Issue

OOI User Community and Colleagues,

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) is beginning work to compile a special issue of Oceanography Magazine centered around the OOI and research conducted using its data. Within the special issue, we would like to include articles written by you, our OOI user community, on your research using OOI data. Specifically we are interested in papers or short reports utilizing data from one or more of the four major OOI components – Regional Cabled Array, Endurance Array, Pioneer Array and Global Arrays – and Educational uses of OOI Data. Additionally, we are interested in short reports on novel technology developed or utilized within the OOI or in conjunction to the OOI.

If you would be interested in contributing to our special issue, please email lsmith@oceanleadership.org with the topic of your article and a brief description of your research. Articles will be selected for submission and publication as space allows.

All emails of intent must be submitted by Friday May 19th, and researchers will be notified shortly thereafter if we would like for them to write and submit that article for review in the special issue. Please note that all articles submitted will be subjected to peer review and not all articles submitted may be published.

Additionally, the OOI is looking for volunteers who would like to act as guest editors for this special issue. If you are interested, please email lsmith@oceanleadership.org. Volunteers should respond by Friday May 19th.