OOI Community Forum Now Live

We are excited to announce that the OOI Community Forum is now live and available for community members to use.

Join the Discussion!

The OOI Community Forum provides the opportunity for users to connect from around the world in order to foster collaboration, share best practices, and provide a central repository of shared knowledge surrounding the Ocean Observatories Initiative.

We encourage community members to use the forum to share cool discoveries, discuss OOI related science questions, and seek out collaborators for future projects. If you see a gap in the forum topics, and want to suggest a new focus area for discussion, we welcome any of your input.

Additionally, the OOI Data Team will regularly monitor the forum to help answer questions relating to instrument configuration, data access, data formats, and data quality.

Note: The forum is, and will remain, a work in progress. One “in-progress” item to be aware of is the login.  In its’ current state, users will need to create a new login name and register for an account via the forum site before you are able to post or reply to topics. You can still browse and read posts without having to log in, however.  The forum software is compatible with CILogin, which will allow for a single login account across all the OOI sites, but that capability is still in the process of being added.
Thanks! We look forward to continuing the conversation!

For more information, please check out the following posts:

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