Opportunity to Test OOI Data Lab Notebooks

The OOI Ocean Data Labs team is looking for instructors of introductory oceanography courses to “test drive” a collection of new online laboratories that focus on important oceanographic themes and topics using OOI data.

They are seeking a pilot implementation team of 14-16 faculty to implement two labs with students this Fall.  They are offering a $750 stipend, which includes a training webinar, detailed feedback and evaluation, and a wrap-up session.  The implementation must be completed by December 2020.

Beginning in January 2020, a team of faculty contributors compiled a sequence of OOI Data Labs into an online laboratory manual.  It includes topics in biological, chemical, physical and geological oceanography for use in typical Introductory Oceanography courses.  The manual is a collection of eight lab exercises, with built-in assessments, and accompanying instructor guides.

Applications are due Sunday 9 August 2020. Apply here.