New OOI Science Plan Now Available

New OOI Science Plan provides and updated vision for integration of OOI data in research and in the classroom. 

The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) Science Plan: Exciting Opportunities Using OOI Data is now available. This OOI Science Plan articulates the exciting research, educational opportunities, and pathways to advancing the understanding of high-priority science questions using OOI data. Specifically, the Plan is intended to inspire and enable the research endeavors of ocean scientists and educators, encourage collaborations, and motivate the training of future generations of scientists.

The document highlights the broad science themes and provides examples of important multidisciplinary science questions that require the OOI’s novel technology. Sidebars from scientists using OOI data illustrate the novel approaches being used to address long-standing science questions that are hard to address using ship-based expeditionary practices. The Science Plan includes a high-level synopsis of the current ocean network, the OOI program management, and data quality control and delivery. Innovative platforms and technologies are highlighted, as well as best practices developed by the OOI program. The Plan includes examples of educational opportunities and new applications provided by OOI data and ocean observing concepts. Community Engagement activities promoted by the OOI are featured. The document describes the ways in which current U.S. interagency partnerships and international collaborations make use of the OOI network in unique ways. Finally, information on how scientists and educators can participate in the OOI is provided.

The OOI Science Plan is available on the OOIFB website here.

For those preparing applications for the Pioneer Array Innovations Lab, this Science Plan could be a useful resource.