Physical Fluid Samples are collected from hydrothermal vent fluids and methane seeps, preserved, recovered, and then taken to a laboratory to examine diffuse fluid chemistry. Two instruments collect Physical Fluid Samples for Diffuse Fluid Chemistry: the Osmosis-Based Water Sampler and the Hydrothermal Vent Fluid Interactive Sampler. In the case of the Osmosis-Based Water Sampler, fluids are drawn into small capillary-like tubing allowing for long-term sampling of diffuse fluids. The Hydrothermal Vent Fluid Interactive Sampler is controlled via two-way communication from the shore that allows remote triggering of sample bottles in response to volcanic or tectonic events or automatic triggering at specified intervals.

Instrument Classes

The following instrument classes include this data product:

Typical Units

no direct data stream to OOI

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