OOI Critical Metadata Review

The OOI strives to provide quality datasets to the public that meet QA/QC standards set by the program and that are expected by the user community. To that end, the OOI Marine Implementing Organization (MIO) data teams have undertaken a thorough review of all “critical” metadata in the system, including instrument calibration coefficients, instrument deployment assignments, and deployment dates. The validation of these metadata is essential to ensuring that data products are properly calculated. Because the OOI Data Portal operates on a process-on-demand model, users should check to see if and when changes have been made to metadata to ensure that previously downloaded data are correct, or to re-download corrected data. This initial phase of the metadata review focused on verifying calibration coefficients and was completed at the end of December 2019. We are continuing to verify the historical deployment assignments/dates, and the results will be updated accordingly.

The audit was conducted via a combination of human-in-the-loop (HITL) processes and automated script development. The HITL process ensured that two sets of eyes verified each metadata product, whenever possible, while the scripts performed automated verification and generation of reports to pass back into the HITL workflow. Finally, the results were used to aid the evaluation of current processes and guide in adapting workflows to improve QA/QC efforts and communication to users.

As part of this review process, the widget below provides a list of instrument deployments for which calibration metadata have been corrected and determined to affect the calculated Data Products. This list also includes instruments (e.g., nitrate sensors) that have dependencies on data products (e.g., temperature, salinity, or pressure from a CTD) recorded by affected instruments.

The information in the widget can be used to help locate and download a table of relevant data-impacting changes.

OOI Metadata Widget

Expand the Metadata Change Log to see the fields included for each critical metadata change:

If you have questions about the above information, datasets, or the metadata review process, please contact the HelpDesk at help@oceanobservatories.org.