The Hydrothermal Vent Fluid Interactive Sampler collects and preserves fluid samples from hydrothermal vents and continuously measures vent fluid temperature. This instrument collects fluid samples from hydrothermal vents at the International District Vent Field on Axial Seamount. It is collocated with the Particulate DNA Sampler (PPSDN) and has an onboard temperature sensor (D1000) which continuously measures vent fluid temperatures. The sampler is able to be interactive, as its connection to the fiber optic cable allows two-way communication and power. Sample bottles can be triggered from shore in response to volcanic or tectonic events, or set to trigger at specified intervals. After instrument recovery, laboratory analyses provide chemical characterization of the hydrothermal fluid samples.

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Data Products

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Data Product Code DPS
Vent Fluid Temperature from RASFL TEMPVNT DPS

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Class-Series Make Model
RASFLA PMEL/Butterfield Modified McLane Remote Access Sampler

Reference Information

The Core Instrument Analytical Results data repository contains processed analytical data and metadata for a subset of Cabled Array instruments that collect fluid or particulate samples that are brought back to shore and analyzed in a laboratory. Numerical and other processed analytical results are generally provided in spreadsheet form. Associated metadata files including analytical protocols, sampling and recovery notes, and sample log files are presented in .pdf format. As-deployed images of instruments are provided in .jpg format, with image metadata summarized in spreadsheet-based catalogs.

The RASFL analytical results can be found here: International District Vent Field RASFL Data

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A Project Scientist with the UW RSN Team, prepares a Remote Access Fluid Sampler (front) and microbial DNA sampler for installation in a diffuse flow site at the vent called 'El Gordo' in the International District hydrothermal field. The instrument is designed by Dr. David Butterfiled and NOAA-PMEL and the UW. Image Credit: Mitch Elend, University of Washington; V14. Creative Commons License
During ROPOS Dive R1729, a digital-still camera (left), a mass spectrometer (middle) and a fluid- and microbial-DNA sampler (right) were installed in the International District Hydrothermal Field at the vent called El Gordo. A titanium "hat" rests on top of the structure in a tubeworm and limpet patch. Inside the "hat" are temperature probes and intake nozzles for the fluid and DNA sampler. Photo credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; Dive R1729; V14. Creative Commons License