The Single Point Velocity Meters (Nortek Aquadopp® instruments) use acoustic Doppler technology to measure the mean velocity (speed and direction) of water in two-dimensions (U & V) as it moves past the sensor. VELPT instruments are mounted on stationary moorings, seafloor platforms, and wire-following profilers across multiple OOI arrays.

Data Products

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Data Product Code DPS
Mean Point Water Velocity VELPTMN DPS

The algorithm code used to generate data products for this instrument is also available in the ion-functions GitHub repository.

Instrument Models & Deployed Locations

The OOI includes the following instrument makes and models for this instrument type. Follow the links below to find out where in the OOI this instrument has been deployed. You'll also find quick links for each instrument to Data portal, where you can plot and access data.

Class-Series Make Model
VELPTA Nortek Aquadopp 300m
VELPTB Nortek Aquadopp 3000m
VELPTD Nortek Aquadopp
VELPTJ Nortek Aquadopp HR

Reference Information

Nortek Aquadopp Current Meter Datasheet

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VELPT on the Data Portal