OOI Data Quality Control procedures were designed with the goal of meeting IOOS Quality Assurance of Real Time Ocean Data (QARTOD) standards:

  • Every real-time observation must be accompanied by a quality descriptor
  • All observations should be subject to automated real-time quality tests
  • Quality flags and test descriptions must be described in the metadata
  • Observers should verify / calibrate sensors before deployment
  • Observers should describe methods / calibration in real-time metadata
  • Observers should quantify level of calibration accuracy and expected error
  • Manual checks on automated procedures, real-time data collected, and status of observing system must be provided on an appropriate timescale

In addition to daily human-in-the-loop QC tests, as data streams are collected, data products are run through up to six automated QC algorithms. QC reports are created on a biweekly or monthly basis.T

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— Last revised on December 9, 2021 —