OOI data are available for use by anyone for free.  Scientists are welcome to seek funding in order to test scientific hypotheses or address scientific questions based on OOI data.

OOI-related proposals are now being accepted by NSF through the core science and technology programs (February and August submission dates). For more information on the NSF proposal process, interested parties should contact the most relevant NSF program officer for their science or technology program.  For OOI program specific proposal questions, scientists are encouraged to reach out to NSF OOI representatives via the follow: ooi-science@nsf.gov

For overall science questions related to the OOI, please contact Lisa Clough (lclough@nsf.gov).  For more information on NSF Ocean Sciences programs, please visit the NSF OCE homepage as well as check out the NSF OCE Active Funding Opportunities.

What if I have OOI technical questions?

Sign up to chat with OOI staff.  Potential investigators can schedule an appointment to meet virtually with OOI Operations Staff to discuss technical requirements, testing, and answer any other questions researchers might have regarding adding instrumentation to the OOI arrays.  Consultations will be available in advance of the February and August submission deadlines.

Click here for more information on Staff Consultations. Video recordings of previous webinars are also available on this page.

What if I am in the preliminary stages of my proposal development anything for me?

Stay tuned for upcoming webinars and workshops. Join our mailing list for OOI updates.

— Last revised on August 15, 2016 —