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How is the OOI Managed?

The OOI Program is managed and coordinated by the OOI Program Office at the Consortium for Ocean Leadership (COL), in Washington, D.C. COL is leader, owner, and operator of the OOI and its infrastructure.  Implementing Organizations (IOs), subcontractors to COL, are responsible for construction and development of the different components of the program. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Oregon State University are responsible for the coastal and global moorings and their autonomous vehicles. The University of Washington is responsible for cabled seafloor systems and moorings. Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, is implementing the Cyberinfrastructure component, which now includes the education and public engagement software. The OOI Data Management team is co-located with the Cyberinfrastructure group at Rutgers University.

— Last revised on August 15, 2016 —