The calibration documents are stored in the OOI’s document management system called Alfresco, accessible here.

  1. Once in Alfresco, if you are prompted to log-in, enter “guest” as the username and password.

  2. From the top of the file directory in Alfresco, the file path to the calibration files is: OOI / Instrument & Platform Documents / Calibration and Repair. Calibration and Repair documents are organized by Cabled Array instrumentation or Coastal-Global Arrays (Endurance, Pioneer and Global instrumentation), and then by instrument type.

  3. After choosing the sensor type from the Calibration and Repair folder, you will see individual files per data series, instrument serial number, and calibration date.

Specific information related to instruments (including serial numbers) is captured per deployment, per data stream. Reference this tutorial to find instrument serial numbers for your deployment(s) and instrument(s) of interest in Data Explorer.

The file naming convention for calibration files is generally [data series]_[instrument model]_[instrument serial number]_[calibration description keywords]_[calibration date], though there is some variation between instrument types.