The OOI system has a budget-defined amount of data storage capacity that can be devoted to files that cannot be delivered via uFrame (i.e. plotting or synchronous download). These data are stored in a ~200 TB Network Attached Storage (NAS) system at Rutgers University that provides secure access to a limited number of files.

The raw data partition of the NAS is an Apache server with a capacity of ~86 TB, organized by platform reference designator. The hardware architecture is scalable to allow the NAS to grow over time and allow larger amounts of data over a longer time range to be stored and served to users in the future (with certain constraints).

This server provides access to the raw data to allow SMEs to assist with quality control of specialized instrumentation, to allow users to perform their own analyses using their own scripts or software, and to allow MIOs to confirm operation of deployed instrumentation.

— Last revised on August 15, 2016 —