OOI platform and instrument metadata are currently provided when users request processed data, or via the asset management page of the OOI Data Portal. A new “raw data repository” option will be added to all “Download” links in the GUI, and as a direct link on the main OOI website. Users can use the reference designator to find the instrument they’re looking for.

We are working on delivering access to vendor-provided calibration or instrument setting sheets that may be required for data analysis. Currently the marine operators enter the information from those sheets directly into the system, and the actual vendor sheets are being stored in local repositories rather than the raw data archive. The calibration values can be found here (https://github.com/ooi-integration/asset-management/tree/master/deployment), and copies of the sheets that accompany new or refurbished instruments can be provided upon request by contacting the HelpDesk.

— Last revised on August 15, 2016 —