The OOI program is building and installing hardware, and deploying mobile systems, all aimed at meeting the top priority to provide the scientific community with quality, open access data.

he OOI core sensor suite comprises the instruments and sensors that will address the key science themes of the Ocean Observatories Initiative. This set of core sensors was derived from the OOI Science Requirements.

The OOI will consist of seven arrays – one regional cabled array, two coastal arrays, and four global arrays.  These arrays will be made up of 771 instruments from almost 50 classes of specialized instrumentation.

Through the use of undersea robotics, moorings and this specialized instrumentation, OOI links technology and advanced engineering capabilities through a unique Cyberinfrastructure allowing command & control of systems at sea and bringing ocean observing data to shore .

For more information on where sensors are located within the arrays, please see the online instrument tables.  These tables also include information on instrument make and models.

For more information on instrument procurements, please see the contract awards archive.